Disclosure: Casting Out The Shadows

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I never realised your diagnosis Jacqui... you're brave and a heroine to me. I keep my depression quiet. I suffer PTSD from being a ward of the state (during high school years) and subjected to physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I will read and LEARN a lot from your book... thank you for being the 'wind beneath my wings' with this book and for opening up... it will make it easier for me to open up that side of things. Gosh, I applaud you! My music is my 'out'..."
- J.W., Queensland

The 2-in-1 Book Launch of the Century

A whole lot of like-minded people got together at the book launch on Saturday 7 November at Honey Bar - the coolest hot spot in Melbourne.
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The time to share my story is now. I believe that one way to speed the dissolution of stigma related to mood disorders and other mental illness is to have everyday Australians, like myself, speaking openly and comfortably about their lived experiences.

We hear about sports people, celebrities, stage and screen stars who disclose their challenges with mental illness. More often than not this occurs when their illness can no longer be hidden and the media smells a story ...they can no longer avoid the scrutiny of media attention. There are public outpourings of support for their plights. For many of the everyday Jacquis and Joes I speak to about mental health they do not believe that they will be the recipients of the same kind of support and outpouring as people with 'fame and fortune'.

Part One of Disclosure: casting out the shadows explains why I think sharing my story is so important. Part Two of Disclosure: black dogs, rollercoasters & pink elephants: strategies for mind health resilience offers some simple guidelines and support information gleaned from research and mental health institutions, as well as personal experience. Disclosure lays bare my lived experience over the past 20 years. It speaks to the black dog episodes and the rollercoaster decades leading to my Bipolar diagnosis and the importance of 'pink elephant resilience strategies' in my recovery and ongoing journey.

For those unfamiliar with the terms Black Dog and Pink Elephant let me explain.

The term Black Dog came into more common use in the late 1940's when the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill referred to his experiences of depression as having the black dog. It is thought that the expression “I have got a black dog on my back today” was an expression much used by old-fashioned English nannies.

Rollercoasters describe the swings of bipolar... travelling between the downs of depression and the ups of hypo-mania (low mania) and back again.

Pink Elephants came about when I was naming my weekly radio show, 'But I Feel Good' ...talking about pink elephants and black dogs. Pink elephants seemed a great contrast to the black dog in representing positive resilience strategies that everybody can use to keep their mind healthy!

Some people are aware of the term 'pink elephant' meaning something different to my definition. There are many words, idioms and phrases that once had one definition and now have another. I detail them in the author's note in my book. Some of you may relate to pink elephants as the alcoholic hallucinations of the living with alcoholic addiction. I'd like to invite you to make room for both usages or just stick with my new one. I believe in our ability as humans to be incredibly adaptive in our thinking, language, emotional and physical ways of being.

Meet Marti, the creator of Elphie & Blackie with Jacqui, the author

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