'But I Feel Good' Radio Show Host & Presenter

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The 'But I Feel Good' Program Host, Jacqui Chaplin has a lived experience of mood disorders and is committed to being the noisiest and funnest advocate for the role of play and creativity as ways of managing stress, anxiety and depression.

She has over 15 years experience as an Executive and Corporate Coach supporting people from the shop floor to the executive corridors of multinational organisations in becoming more effective in their conversations and relationships and building resilience.

Jacqui is available for professional speaking on topics from the lived experience of depression and bipolar disorder through breaking down the unconscious bias towards mental health in the work place and community to building resilience and utilising play and creativity as antidotes and innoculators against stress, anxiety and depression.

You can find out about all the things Jacqui does professionally here.

'But I Feel Good... talking about pink elephants and black dogs' is not designed or intended to take the place of any medical or professional advice for those who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or any other mood disorders.

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