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The weekly radio show played a mix of great music, positive resilience strategies giving a little attention to the challenges that life can throw our way between 11 November 2013 and 28 November 2016.

The program was dedicated to exploring pink elephant ways of building and sustaining resilience and exploring ways to keep our emotional balance and get the most out of life in even the most challenging situations that life presents.

The black dog explores the challenges of anxiety, stress, depression and mood disorders in order to highlight the importance of being able to speak openly and comfortably from a personal view point so that people who are experiencing challenges feel OK to speak to others and seek help.

The combination of pink elephants and black dogs is also about letting others know about different ways they can support those who are challenged by their mood disorders.

This show is not designed or intended to take the place of any medical or professional advice for those who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or any other mood disorders.

what they've said about the show...

Terrific (in my opinion) I have listened to two of them so far. I think that the combination of:
(a) great choice of music
(b) positive messages, some in the form of great quotes, from the past
(c) you have a great personable speaking voice which I believe a wide audience will enjoy
(d) as the host you will appeal to different age groups which is good so you won’t be seen as “being for the old” or “only for the young”.
(e) links to website extra info is valuable too.
I would like to tell a few people I know (about this) who are likely to want to tune in if that is OK. Getting the podcast and listening in one’s own time is great too.
Well done. G
Newcastle, New South Wales

How nice, and thank you for the post – we sure could do with some spirit-lifting. I like hearing about people who have been enterprising and made things happen for themselves and for others. I have had a browse and will make further searches to find out when to tune in and read about Jacqui’s background. I enjoy talk radio and should listen more to music than I do, but am a bit fussy/sensitive with music, time and place.
Perth, Western Australia

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