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Jacqui Chaplin is an experienced funeral coordinator and leads funeral services and ceremonies exclusively. Her commitment and compassion will provide you with a commemoration of your loved one's life that will leave you feeling that little bit better... on what can only be considered to be some of the most difficult days in your life.

When thinking about end-of-life commemorations, Jacqui has intimate experience with:

  • deaths of new born babies;
  • accidental deaths of the young;
  • death by chronic illness;
  • mental illness and suicide;
  • murder;
  • adult children dying before their parents; as well as
  • deaths at the end of wonderful and long lived lives.

She has a direct and compassionate style which helps bring families and friends together to create a meaningful and tailored ceremony... from the subdued and formal to the enthusiastic celebration of the enigmatic souls of this world.

Jacqui can celebrate humanistic, secular ceremonies as comfortably as she can Catholic ceremonies outside the church environment. She is always directed by your wishes and is equally able to offer a broad range of traditional and modern or alternative ceremonies, order of service, booklet formats, blessings, readings, poetry and music.

When it comes to Lifetime Celebrations for significant Big-0 birthdays, living wakes (so you get to hear all the good things people want to say but more often than not wait until it's too late) or A Bang Up Roasting (so you get to hear all the good things people want to say, packed with humour and frivolity) there are options abounding.

So too, more respectful and sedate Warm Hearts, Warm Words Ceremonies can be conducted when someone is diagnosed with a chronic or terminal illness or are in the last days of their lives.

All you have to do is a call Jacqui on +61 (0)412 741 531 to talk about how to move forward from wherever things are. If you have already contacted a funeral director and would like Jacqui to conduct the ceremony please advise your funeral directors that you have a preferred celebrant for the service.

There is no obligation or fee applicable for a conversation to establish 'where to from here?'.

jacqui chaplin | lifetime commemoration specialist
+61 (0)412 741 531

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