The Pink Elephant Project

Get on board and be a part of reducing the number of people who die by suicide every year.

Want to see what 655 Pink Elephant Project Participants look like?

Did you know the number of deaths by suicide is higher than the national road toll?

The Pink Elephant Project is about making it OK for everyone and anyone to talk openly and comfortably about mood disorders and mind health matters.

The Pink Elephant represents all the positive actions, conversations, strategies, support, interventions, hugs, smiles, notes and laughs we can do to break down the stigma associated with 'the black dog' of depression and mood disorders.

Want to be a part of the project?

Thought I'd have some fun showing you how it's done! Never let it be said that I won't jump in with both feet!

You can print and cut out the Pink Elephant in this PDF (click here) and take a photo of yourself in a completely kooky way or a totally straight laced portrait. Then email your image to
Here are some people from the Gold Coast in Queensland getting on board the Pink Elephant Project!

Or you can have your picture taken with the Pink Elephant Hand Puppet Mascot and have it posted here as well!