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Jacqui Chaplin passionate & energetic. Engaging and experienced across a broad range of human development, mind health and human emotion management domains.

She is aMental Health Advocate; an Internationally Published Mind Health and Resilience Author; a Mind Health and Resilience Radio Program Producer and Presenterand the Human Potential Catalyst.

Jacqui is an experienced and engaging speaker, an author and a Master Coach who has inspired thousands to create new thinking, make different choices and take new actions with fantastic results.

There are key note speakers who entertain, some who educate, and others who inform. Jacqui does all that and inspires! She captures attention, gaining the hearts and minds of audiences with a message that has impact long after the event ends.

When it comes to play Jacqui is all about getting each and every one of us to remember and revisit what it's like to play like a child. To inspire us to bounce forward and be more playful and creative for more fulfilling energetic lives with brilliant mental health.

A passionate, fun and playful proponent of play and creativity as innoculators and antidotes to boredom, listlessness and depression. Jacqui introduces people to new ways of thinking about play and creativity's connection with mental health. With her trademark energy and unshakable commitment and interest in the human condition, Jacqui loves being with people and sharing her considerable knowledge and experience, taking her message to an ever-expanding audience exposing the ways to get more play, fun and creativity and be more of who you want to be!

With her advocacy hat on Jacqui works to move us beyond awareness of mood disorders and other mental illness to develop greater understanding, deeper compassion and genuine acceptance of those caring for or living with mental illness. She speaks from a lived experience perspective and poses challenging questions about the level of openness and comfort that people have when it comes to mental illness. Stigma related to mental illness is also in her direct line of sight!

She will take you on an exciting journey involving her unique personal take on life and her fascinating history. An exceptional learning and creative experience awaits you.

When it comes to celebrating lives and commemorating people Jacqui combines all her writing, professional speaking, leadership facilitation and coaching skills, as well as her time in radio to provide a complete and caring, moving and uplifting approach to arranging and celebrating events honouring life and loves.

With 25 years of learning and development expertise and nearly two decades of corporate experience Jacqui’s unique personal take, fascinating history and mastery as a lifetime commemoration specialist, human potential catalyst, and mind health advocate provide a rare combination of talents. Jacqui has an exceptional knowledge base in her areas of expertise and her lessons and learning and their application are well received in the business world as well as in her work with family's in times of grief or when celebrating well-lived lives.

Jacqui is available for professional speaking engagements, in a range of settings, in the areas of:

  • Making End-of-Life Experiences Easier
  • Capturing Life Stories and Preparing Eulogies
  • The Hidden Costs of Depression in the Workplace
  • Resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Understanding the Personal Impacts of Depression
  • ‘Peaked Performance’ and the Peter Principle
  • Trust
  • Identity and Its Impact
  • Well-Being a.k.a Juggling the Work/Life Equation
  • The Lived Experience of Mental Illness
  • Well Being, Mental Heath and Resilience

In 2004, Jacqui co-authored “Infomaniac”, which is available on CD-ROM by emailing

If you are interested in having Jacqui speak at your next event, to book her for a media engagement or to contact her about coaching, please call or email.


Mobile: +61 (0)412 741 531

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