The Mind Mission Projects

The Mind Mission Project is the place to find all the information and resources relating to Jacqui Chaplin's mind health advocacy, lifetime celebrations and end of life services.

On The Mind Mission Pages you can...

  • find out about the weekly But I Feel Good Radio Show and how to tune in
  • find out how to be a part of the Pink Elephant Project
  • access the resources and listen on demand replays of the radio show
  • find out about Jacqui's book Disclosure: casting out the shadows plus strategies for mind health resilience and
  • learn about holding a lifetime celebration for you or a loved one or engaging Jacqui's to commemorate and celebrate your loved one's end-of-life ceremony

Want To Know More...

If you have any questions that you would like answered, think you'd be a great guest on the radio show or you would like to know more please contact Jacqui Chaplin on +61 (0)412 741 531 or at